About Polina

I am an experience designer who believes in taking a research-driven approach to creating functional, inclusive and engaging products and services. It is my goal to help clients better understand and meet the needs of the people they are serving by taking a human-centred approach to design. Since I come to user experience design and research from a professional background in graphic design, I also recognize the importance of careful consideration of the visual aspects of the design and flow of interactions which play a huge part in how users experience the final product. 


What drives my work is compassion for humans and love for puzzles. Talking to people, and hearing about their experiences, successes, and pain-points grows empathy and makes it possible to understand and tackle complex problems. Each project has many variables, stakeholders, and moving parts and it is that love for solving puzzles, that keeps me engaged all throughout the process. 




What is the real-life-human-being Polina like?


So many sports so little time. 

While I’d rather spend hours bouldering, if you invite me to go for a 5k run and I will say yes. On any given weekend you might find me playing tennis, biking, swimming, skating, doing yoga or trying to finally do that one pull up unassisted.


The hunger for knowledge never stops.

Alongside with constants in my life, I always leave room for learning and trying new things. My love for reading is a big part of this, but talking to people especially those different from the people in my immediate surrounding, often beats reading a good book, because books have refined plots, while each human is a story in the rough.


I'm a cautious optimist about the future.

Advancement of technology brings with it many possibilities for advancement for humanity. But because of the scope and nature of the impact these emerging innovations, it is important to have those conversations about ethics of what we are doing and how it affects the external world. 



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