Introducing a New Way to Pay Fare


VA Transit users need a convenient way to make fare payments and keep track of their trip on the go.


I designed a mobile app and a companion watch app, to help users manage their VA Transit cards, make fare payments, and see the transit time remaining on their trip. The VA Transit app also allows users to keep track of their past trips and payments.


VA Transit


Low, medium and high-fidelity prototypes for a mobile app

My Role

UX/UI designer


Job Stories

Job Story Example

I used job stories to define app features and requirements.

When I have quick tasks to complete on the way to my final destination that requires me to exit and re-enter the transit system.

I want to know the current duration of my trip so I can get to my final destination before the allotted transfer time runs out.

M: Reassurance of knowing exactly when my trip began
M: Ability to manage commute time more effectively
A: Increased stress when I know I will go over my transit limit and unable to do anything about it.
A: Over-scheduling the number of tasks to be completed during transfer time

So that I am not wasting extra money on my commute.

Competitors: A watch, mobile phone timer, memorizing the time when one starts the commute.


Hand-drawn Sketches

Through sketching, I experimented with various structures of the app and determined user flows and layout options without getting too caught up in the design details. 



Medium-fidelity Prototype

Having established the structure of the app I proceeded to medium-fidelity prototyping. At this stage, I focused on the user experience and flow of the app.


Mobile Prototype

Watch Prototype


High-fidelity Prototype

At this stage, I developed a brand, including logo, typography and graphic elements. Using the structure established in the medium-fidelity prototype I created the high fidelity clickable prototype. Here I refined the details of the user experience ensuring the labels, colour treatment and styles are clear and consistent throughout the app.


iOS App


Apple Watch App


Style Guide

Once the branding was established I put together a style guide to ensure all the future deliverables created by other designers have a consistent look and feel.